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September 14 & 15, 2024

Anime & Gaming Convention in Metairie, Louisiana 

Sheraton Metairie


About Anime Conclave

The founders of Anime Conclave are Ron Triggs and Lucy Ferry. We have been anime and gaming fans for most of our lives and have been going to conventions for many years. We became friends in high school and bonded over lots of different anime. Lucy is a big fan of older anime and Ron loves keeping up with newer anime. We look forward to hosting an amazing convention and hope everyone leaves with new friends and connections!

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Tips for Attending Anime Conclave

Make a Schedule

Don't miss a beat by planning your Anime Conclave experience. Browse the full schedule (available soon!) and craft your ideal itinerary.

Explore exhibitor booths and attend interesting panels. Keep an eye out for updates - the schedule might shift slightly throughout the event.

Pack the Essentials

Pack your entire cosplay outfit, including accessories, wigs, shoes, and makeup. Don't forget any last-minute details! Pack essentials for surviving long days at the convention. Bring water bottles, snacks, deodorant and an extra pair of socks for tired feet. Ensure all your devices (phone, camera) are fully charged and bring any chargers you might need.

Bring or Find a Friend

Anime and conventions are so much better with friends!  Anime Conclave is all about celebrating your love of anime with new and old friends. Whether you're arriving solo or with a crew, you'll be surrounded by a welcoming community of passionate fans. Get ready for a weekend filled with shared experiences and unforgettable memories!

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